How Fund Managers Can Build Funds And Monetize Investment Strategies?

With a clear need addressed, crypto asset management solutions are quickly emerging to assist retail investors with their research of the market. The incentive for the firms behind these platforms is obvious: cryptocurrencies have a market capitalization of about $2 trillion.

Blockchain-based investment funds​ are becoming increasingly popular. While these concepts can be challenging to navigate simply because of their novelty.

Nest Egg allows investors to get into asset management via familiar fund management structures. To solve this issue, decentralized exchanges provide a mechanism where anyone with an internet connection can execute trades with minimal fees and without a custodian.

In addition, because blockchain technology enables decentralization, peer-to-peer investment funds could be made possible through smart contracts on the Avalanche platform without involving brokers or lawyers, thereby speeding up transaction time thanks to automation and making them cheaper as well. In doing so, it opens up opportunities for retail investors who want access to fast liquidity combined with transparent funds

How to build funds by finding niches in the market?

Nest Egg platform continues to sprout up in the decentralized finance space to cater to every type of crypto investor out there.

The most significant goal for an asset manager to be a part of the platform is to:

  1. With a clear track record, increase his AUM.
  2. Take full advantage of our comprehensive package to analyze his progress.
  3. Take advantage of the performance mining rewards by receiving free native token — EGG tokens.
  4. EGG staking mechanism to gain influence in making platform decisions
  5. Compete for top asset managers by creating or joining an investment cluster (tokenized hedge fund).
  6. Use Nest Egg to create his actionable investment strategies.
  7. Take advantage of the leading Avalanche platform.

How can a fund manager go about setting up a fund and attracting investors?

The process of setting up a fund and attracting investors is not easy.

  • Asset management companies need to set their own compliance rules, which increases costs and risks associated with the investment process which the Nest Egg platform has taken care of.
  • Setting up an independent legal entity for each fund: Asset managers must create a separate legal entity for each fund they manage in order to comply with KYC/AML regulations which are not required at the Nest Egg platform.
  • Asset managers often use third-party contract administrators to manage funds, which only add additional layers of costs without even introducing new products or services. Therefore, it may be beneficial for asset managers to decentralize how these funds are administered by using technology such as blockchain.
  • At traditional funds asset managers make money via fees charged on assets under management (AUM). The more AUM they manage, the more money they make. Asset managers often use soft dollar arrangements to buy investment research and other products for their clients, which is often seen as a way of incentivizing broker-dealers and thus raises costs for investors.

Therefore, it may be worth considering using blockchain and smart contracts to reduce or eliminate any middlemen who take part in the management process to reduce costs.

How can fund managers generate revenue through their investment strategies?

Investment strategies need to be fully transparent with complete disclosure of assets, liabilities, and performance results; otherwise, investors cannot make an informed decision about their money. Monetizing investment strategies is not easy because it takes time for people to build trust in them before they start investing. And once they receive returns, these may not necessarily meet investors’ expectations due to various factors such as market volatility, regulation changes, and the like. Monetizing investment strategies is hard, but it’s an essential step towards decentralizing finance. Fund managers can monetize investment strategies by building funds that charge fees based on assets under management instead of taking commissions from transactions/trading activity.

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Nest Egg is the future of asset management. With our democratized access to financial products, powered by Avalanche, you can build your future today!

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Nest Egg Network

Nest Egg Network

Nest Egg is the future of asset management. With our democratized access to financial products, powered by Avalanche, you can build your future today!

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